“The Print”

In the digital world many of my photos sit on my cell phone,  tablet  , computer.. I even have one of those digital frames where I see a new image every 5 seconds. Can you identify?? We have hundreds if not thousands stored on these devices. I hardly delete a thing. Although, I will eventually get to a point where storage issues will arise. BUT still.. is this not easier then having prints made…buying an album… organizing etc etc. It can be for some people.

I recently emptied all my photo albums and purchased photo archival photo storage boxes.  It took what seemed to be forever but that was okay with me. It was fun!

I loved having the prints in my hands..the tangible…I stared… I thought…I instantly was brought back to the time and place. Laughter..tears it didn’t matter..I went back to the adventure that was now a memory!

The print I am sharing on this blog was taken 32 years ago! My late husband Bob and our youngest son. Pre digital camera for me. The photo has always been a favorite of mine.  It is pretty beat up. I remember the day as if it were yesterday!

Can digital images have this same effect?? Maybe…but  I will still continue to print my favorites,  hold them in my hands and reminisce..



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