My First Blog

My First Blog..where do I begin!

It has only taken me two years to finally write this blog; My First Blog..why has this taken so long?? WHY you ask..all the excuses in the book that is why. EXCUSES!

I am often asked , Why do I have a camera??  Why do I love photography? Why do people ask..”Helen, is your camera attached to you..”??

Let’s start at the beginning; About a year after my husband’s death in 2009, I attended a Grief and Healing group to try and find my way thru life. My life was turned upside down.

I don’t want to go into my journey too much here, that will be for another blog.

During one of the sessions, we were asked to return the following week with something we wanted to do/learn, but never had the time to do…

It was a no brainer for me, photography. That was easy!

 I RAN to the local camera shop and made a purchase. I took a few workshops, practiced on my own and made a gazillion mistakes.

It didn’t matter. I was having fun. Something I wasn’t sure I would ever have back in my life.

 I fell in love with photography.

But what did I fall in love with?? It was the connection I made with whatever creation was in front of me. Whether it be a sunrise, a sunset, the ocean’s waves, birds, or people.  

I was struck by the feelings that raced thru me… Feelings of life, of happiness, feelings that I wanted others to experience.

So , here I am, camera in hand, photographing day or night, people or places. Sharing this gift that I was given by God, to all of you!


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