On the other side of the lens…

With my entire family being together after a two  year gap due to the pandemic, I asked a photographer friend if he’d come and photograph us. Mind you, this was a suggestion from my youngest son.

Being the one that is clicking away…I didn’t give it a thought to have us in the spot light. Was I ready to go on the other side of the lens?

So, we gathered….we laughed…we hugged tighter and closer than in past visits…we sat..the grandchildren ran…we reminisced! We had hundreds of pictures taken.

A few days later I sat at my computer and logged into view the gallery.  I opened the page with excitement, I couldn’t wait to see the photos. There they were.. how awesome was this!  My heart melted..a few tears trickling down my cheek…reliving each photo…who was where..who was running…why we sat on the wall…oh..remember when…

I was quickly reminded WHY I love being a photographer…why I chase light…why I am a simple person with a camera…bringing the  tears of joy that I felt that day, to others.

Take a moment  and create your memories…have you and your family photographed!

…thank you, Matthew Muise…




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